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Best And Complete 123 Hp Com Printer Setup Solution

Get instant HP support for all of your needs including 123 HP COM setup help, install setup, download driver, and troubleshooting for all models of HP printers across all platforms Windows, Mac and Smartphone.


123.HP.COM/SETUP printers are the all-in-one solution for office use also as for home use. If you're using HP printers then you want to remember of the advantages of using such a complicated printer. For the new users who have bought a replacement modern HP printer must need the guidance for setup. fixing the HP printer is extremely simple. Here on this page, you'll get to understand complete information about 123.HP.COM/SETUP.


  1. Bring out your HP printer from the box first.

  2. Remove all the tapes and packing from it. Check if there are tapes inside that sealing your printer’s parts.

  3. Now connect your printer cord into a working power socket. Press the facility button and your printer will start blinking.

  4. Next, attend the printer’s screen and setup Language, Date, Region then thereon it asks for.

  5. Take the HP Printer original cartridge out of the box. Open the cartridge door and insert each ink within the right place.

  6. If you're confused and don’t skills to insert the ink cartridges then you'll take the assistance of the printer manual.

  7. Close the door and see you'll get the message on the screen.

  8. Now take A4 size printing sheets and put enough sheets within the input tray.

  9. Your printer will align both- sheets and ink cartridges.

  10. Now it'll invite the connection.


Now allow us to proceed towards the network connection of your HP Printer. There are three options from which you'll choose one.

  1. USB Printing Setup

  2. Ethernet Connection

  3. Wireless Network Setup

123.HP.COM/SETUP Connection Setup Using USB Cable

  1. USB cable ports are as long as are wont to plug-in USB Cable or coaxial cable in your computer or network router.

  2. Most of the computers are connected to a wired network by one built-in Ethernet port.

  3. USB or Ethernet cables are different from those that you simply use to attach your phone.

  4. Insert both the port of the USB cable in your printer and another on your computer.

  5. Now follow the on-screen instructions and install the HP printer driver software.

Connection Setup Using Ethernet

  1. First, make sure that you've got an coaxial cable to support your printer model.

  2. When selecting the connection type during the installation, confirm you select Wired Network or Ethernet option.

  3. So now you would like a network router.

  4. A switch or hub with available Ethernet ports is required if the router doesn’t have any free ports.

  5. Connect the Ethernet ports with printer and router.

  6. This will establish the connection between your printer and network router.

Connection Setup Using Wireless Connection

  1. On your printer touch wireless button

  2. The blue light will show that it's ON. Now press Settings on-screen of the printer.

  3. Next, select the Wireless Setup Wizard option and choose Yes.

  4. You need to follow the instructions on the screen.

  5. The printer will detect the available networks of the router.

  6. Select your router from the list and enter the password of the network to attach.

  7. Follow the on-screen instructions and ensure the wireless network connection.

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To run your printer and obtain the prints in your output tray you would like to possess drivers and software on your computer. As drivers enable the printing and send the printing command to the printer. Let’s start:

  1. Switch on your printer and therefore the computer.

  2. Now open the browser and attend

  3. Choose your OS and find the proper drivers consistent with your printer model.

  4. Click on Download and follow the on-screen instructions to finish the setup.

  5. After the download process is completed you'll see it within the download folder.

  6. Now you would like to put in the HP Printer drivers, but before this ensure printer connected with the pc .

  7. Open the setup enter the Downloads folder then Run the setup.

  8. Now click on Install option and begin installing, follow the on-screen instructions to finish the setup.

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